In the age of 14, Florian Kunze discovered electronic music, comming from Rock music.
The Beat came to him through a Satellite Radiostation, called “Eversonic Radio”.
It was done, the music had him, he started sneaking into Clubs in the age of 15
and started appreciating the art of DJing. One day he thought, what these guys
can do, I can do as well, just better! And he got his first pair of turntables. A pair
of ancient Dual TT’s from the 80ties and an old mixer and he started to spin Techno.
In 1999, it got serious, he became his first real DJ-Equipment
(Thanks to his Mother at this point!) and started recording his sets on tape.
The Vinyl collection grew and grew with the years and he discovered his
passion for Production. Programs like “Dancemachine”, Magix “Musicmaker”
and Rebirth was the software used in the begining. In the age of 19, the Reloop
Turntables were replaced by the good old Technics 1210 Mk II and he started recording his
first sets digitally, with PC. Until 2003, he was a 100% Techno child, but then he
discovered Drum n’ Bass and started spinning Liquid Funk (aka Acid Jazz or Deep Drum n’ Bass)
and building up a set. After a while, it was already 2005, he found his love for Techno again,
but this time, he slipped over to Minimal Tech/ Tech House. Spinning Liquid was still his
priority and he made good progress in the local club scene. On top came appearences
at “Radio Querfunk” and releases on Arteqcue Records.
Today, Florian Kunze focusses on spinning Techno,
as well as occasionally Deep House.
He recently signed with Anusual Records from Barcelona.
First releases and remixes with Tone 15 from Mexico are expected for february 2010.